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'YouTube Vanced' is an ad-free version of the popular video-sharing app with additional features such as background playback and built-in ad-blocking.

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Name YouTube Vanced
Package Name
Category Video Players & Editors  
Version 18.16.39
Size 154.9 MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Last Updated October 18, 2023

YouTube Vanced is a popular Android app that offers users an enhanced experience when using YouTube. This app provides all the features of the official YouTube app, but with additional benefits such as ad-blocking and background playback. The packageId for this app is ‘’, which makes it easy to identify and download from various sources.

One of the most significant advantages of using YouTube Vanced is its ability to block ads on videos. This feature ensures that users can watch their favorite content without any interruptions or distractions. Additionally, this app allows users to play videos in the background while performing other tasks on their device, making multitasking more convenient than ever before.

Another great feature of YouTube Vanced is its customizable settings. Users can choose from different themes, including dark mode, and adjust video playback speed according to their preferences. Moreover, they can also enable or disable gestures like swipe controls and double-tap actions for quick navigation.

In conclusion, YouTube Vanced has become one of the most widely used apps among Android users who love watching videos on YouTube. Its unique features provide a seamless user experience by eliminating unwanted ads and allowing them to multitask effortlessly while enjoying their favorite content. With its packageId being ‘,’ downloading this fantastic app has never been easier!

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