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A arcade game where players use bombs to defy gravity and progress through levels full of obstacles.

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Name Them Bombs
Package Name com.yellowdot.ThemBombsGP
Category Action  
MOD Features Unlocked
Version 2.4.5
Size 82.0 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated October 18, 2023

What is Them Bombs Mod?

Them Bombs Mod APK for Android is an exciting and addictive game that offers a unique twist on the classic puzzle genre. Players take control of their own bombs as they navigate through increasingly difficult levels, trying to stay one step ahead of the ticking clock.

Them Bombs mod apk

The goal in each level is simple: use your wits and strategy to eliminate all obstacles before time runs out! With its challenging puzzles, intense action sequences, colourful visuals, and intuitive controls; Them Bombs MOD APK provides hours upon hours of thrilling entertainment for players everywhere.

Whether you’re looking for something new or just want some more explosive fun with friends; this modded version has everything you need – from unlockables such as extra characters & power-ups to leaderboards where you can compare scores against other gamers worldwide! So what are you waiting for? Download now & get ready to blow up those pesky baddies while having loads of fun along the way!

Features of Them Bombs Mod for Android

Them Bombs Mod Android app is an exciting and entertaining game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It offers a unique combination of strategy, skill, and luck as players try to outwit their opponents by strategically placing bombs in order to gain points or eliminate enemies.

Them Bombs mod apk

With its intuitive controls, vibrant graphics, challenging levels and power-ups – it’s sure to provide hours of fun for both casual gamers and hardcore strategists alike!

  • Create and customize your own bombs with different colours, shapes, sizes and sounds.
  • Play in various game modes such as Classic Mode or Survival Mode.
  • Earn coins to purchase power-ups like extra time or additional lives for more challenging levels.
  • Compete against friends on leaderboards to become the ultimate bomb master!
  • Enjoy vibrant graphics that bring this explosive world alive on screen!

Pros and Cons of Them Bombs Mod:

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Offers a wide range of weapons with realistic sound effects.
  • Allows users to customize their gaming experience by choosing the difficulty level, number of enemies, etc.
  • Provides an immersive 3D environment for gamers to explore and battle in different terrains.
  • Includes multiple game modes such as single-player campaign mode or multiplayer deathmatch mode which can be played online or offline against AI opponents or friends respectively.

Them Bombs mod apk

  • It can be difficult to understand the game mechanics and progress through levels.
  • The graphics are not as good or detailed compared to other apps in this genre.
  • In-app purchases may become necessary for some users, depending on their skill level.
  • Ads occasionally appear during playtime which can disrupt the gameplay experience.

FAQs Regarding Them Bombs Mod for Android.

Them Bombs Mod Apk is an exciting new game that has taken the world by storm. This thrilling mobile game allows players to take on the role of a bomb squad member, tasked with diffusing bombs and saving innocent civilians from destruction.

Them Bombs mod apk

With its simple yet addictive gameplay mechanics and vibrant visuals, Them Bombs Mod Apk offers hours of entertainment for gamers looking for something different in their gaming experience. In this FAQ section we will be discussing all aspects related to playing Them Bombs modded version including tips & tricks as well as answers to commonly asked questions about it!

Q: What is Them Bombs Mod Apk?

A: Them Bombs Mod Apk is a free mobile game developed by the independent studio, Yodo1 Games. It’s an action-packed puzzle adventure that puts you in control of two brave heroes as they battle their way through hordes of monsters and massive bosses to save the world from certain destruction!

Them Bombs mod apk

The main objective of this game is for players to strategically place bombs on each level while avoiding obstacles and enemies. Players can also collect coins along the way which can be used to purchase upgrades or new characters with special abilities.

Q: How do I play Them Bombs Mod Apk?

A: To get started playing, simply download it onto your device from our website. Once installed, launch it and select either single-player mode (where you take on levels solo) or multiplayer mode where you team up with friends online).

Them Bombs mod apk

You’ll then be presented with several different worlds filled with puzzles and challenges – use your wits combined alongside strategic bomb placement skills to progress further into each stage! As mentioned earlier there are powerups available throughout such as additional health points so make sure not to miss them out too much when progressing forward during gameplay sessions!


Them Bombs Mod Apk is a great way to add some excitement and challenge to your gaming experience. It offers an array of different levels with various objects, enemies, and bosses that you have to fight against in order to progress through the game.

The mod also adds new weapons and power-ups which can help make the game even more interesting for players who want something extra out of their games. Overall, Them Bombs Mod Apk provides gamers with hours upon hours of fun while providing them plenty of challenges along the way as well!

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