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Stream India is an all-in-one entertainment app that provides easy access to Indian TV channels, movies, and music.

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Name Stream India
Package Name stream.india9
Category Entertainment  
Version 9.8
Size 15.9 MB
Requires Android 4.0 and up
Last Updated July 11, 2023

Stream India APK for Android is an innovative app that provides users with a comprehensive and convenient way to access the latest movies, TV shows, music videos and more from across India. With its intuitive user interface design combined with powerful streaming technology, Stream India offers a seamless experience to watch your favourite content anytime you want on any device.

Stream India

The app also allows you to browse through popular categories like Bollywood Movies & Music Videos as well as regional language films such as Tamil Telugu Kannada Malayalam Punjabi Marathi Bengali Gujarati Assamese Oriya Nepali Kashmiri Sindhi etc., giving viewers unlimited options of entertainment in their native languages.

Additionally, it includes features like live sports events coverage (cricket matches), radio stations playing songs from different genres including Hindi Pop Rock Classical Ghazals Bhangra Sufi Devotional Folk Patriotic Regional Songs Remixes Oldies Instrumental Hits International Tracks etc., making sure there’s something available for everyone who loves Indian culture or wants explore what this vast country has got offer!

Features of Stream India for Android

Stream India is an Android app that provides users with a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform to access the latest news, sports updates, entertainment content, music streaming services and more.

Stream India APK

With this innovative mobile application from Stream India, you can stay up to date on all of your favourite topics in real-time while also enjoying exclusive features such as personalized recommendations tailored just for you! Whether it’s catching up on breaking headlines or discovering new shows to watch – Stream India has something for everyone.

  • Access to Live TV Channels: Stream India provides access to over 200 live Indian television channels.
  • Catch-up TV Feature: Users can watch their favourite shows and movies, even if they have missed the original broadcast time.
  • Video on Demand Library: Stream India offers a vast library of premium video content from leading studios such as Yash Raj Films, UTV Movies etc., for users to rent or buy online.
  • Downloadable Content: Users are able to download select videos onto their devices so that they can be viewed offline at any time without an internet connection.
  • Personalized Recommendations: The app curates personalized movie recommendations based on the user’s viewing preferences and history.
  • Multi-device Support: Allows streaming across multiple devices like smartphones, tablets & Smart TVs with one single account login credentials.
  • Parental Controls – Parents have full control over what kind of content is available in the application by setting up parental controls through a PIN authentication system.

Stream India APK

Pros and Cons of Stream India:

  • Easy to use and navigate, with a simple user-friendly interface.
  • Offers an extensive library of content from multiple genres including movies, TV shows and music videos.
  • Allows users to watch live television channels as well as access on-demand video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video etc., at the same time in one app.
  • Supports Chromecast for casting your favourite shows onto bigger screens such as TVs or projectors without any lag issues.
  • Provides high-quality HD resolution playback with no buffering delays even when using low bandwidth internet connections.

Stream India APK

  • The app has limited content available for streaming.
  • It is not compatible with all devices and may require additional software to run on certain platforms.
  • Users have reported issues of frequent buffering while using the Stream India Android App.
  • Some users report that they are unable to access some TV shows or movies due to regional restrictions imposed by the developers.
  • There can be a delay in releasing new episodes, as compared to other apps like Netflix and Hotstar which release them almost immediately after airing on television channels.

FAQs Regarding Stream India for Android.

Welcome to the FAQs page for Stream India Apk! This app is a great way to access movies, shows and music from all over India. With this app, you can watch your favourite content on any device with an internet connection.

Stream India APK

We have compiled some of our most frequently asked questions here in order to help you get started using Stream India Apk as quickly and easily as possible. If there are still unanswered queries after going through these FAQs then please feel free to contact us directly via email or phone call so that we may assist further.

Q: What is Stream India?

A: Stream India is an Android-based streaming application that allows users to watch their favourite Indian TV channels, movies and shows on the go.

It offers more than 200 live TV channels from across genres including news, sports, entertainment and regional content for free. The app also provides access to a library of thousands of hours’ worth of Bollywood & Hollywood films as well as popular web series in multiple languages such as Hindi, English Tamil etc.

Stream India APK

Q: How do I get started using Stream India?

A: Downloading the app onto your device is easy – simply visit our website depending upon whether you have an Android or iOS-based phone/tablet respectively; search for ‘StreamIndiaTV’ and install it by clicking ‘Install’.

Once installed successfully open the app where you will be asked some basic details about yourself (namely email address) before being taken through a quick tutorial guide explaining how best to use all its features within minutes!

Stream India APK

Q: Is there any subscription fee required?

A: No, absolutely not! All services provided are completely FREE. You can enjoy unlimited viewing without paying anything extra whatsoever.

However if at times due to heavy traffic certain streams may buffer then we suggest taking out our premium membership package which gives priority over other viewers when accessing these heavily loaded servers thus ensuring an uninterrupted experience every time!


Stream India Apk is an excellent streaming application that allows users to watch their favourite shows and movies from anywhere in the world. It has a wide variety of content, including Bollywood films as well as TV series and documentaries.

Additionally, Stream India provides access to exclusive live events such as sports matches which are not available elsewhere online. All these features make this one of the best apps out there when it comes to watching Indian media without having any geographical restrictions whatsoever!

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