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PlantNet Plant Identification is an android app that helps users identify plants by simply taking a picture of them.

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Name PlantNet Plant Identification
Package Name org.plantnet
Category Arts & Design  
Requires Android 4.4+
Last Updated July 13, 2023

PlantNet Plant Identification is an Android app that helps users identify plants. It uses image recognition technology to match photos of plants with a database of over 20,000 species. The app allows users to take pictures of leaves, flowers, fruits or bark and then suggests the most likely plant matches based on the images.

The app has been designed for amateur botanists, nature lovers and anyone who wants to learn more about different types of plants. It’s also useful for hikers and gardeners who want to know what they’re looking at while out in the wild or tending their gardens.

One great feature of this app is its offline mode which enables users to use it without internet access. This means you can still identify plants even if you are in remote areas where there is no network coverage.

Overall, PlantNet Plant Identification is a fantastic tool for anyone interested in identifying plants. With its vast database and easy-to-use interface, it makes plant identification accessible to everyone regardless of their level of knowledge about botany.

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