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"LoveAlarm is the official app that rings when someone you like is nearby, based on the popular Korean drama of the same name."

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Name LoveAlarm
Package Name
Category Entertainment  
Requires Android 4.4+
Last Updated July 1, 2023

LoveAlarm is an Android app that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It was developed by Kyu Young Lee and released on August 22, 2018, with the packageId of ‘’. The app is based on a webcomic series of the same name written by Chon Kye-young.

The premise of LoveAlarm revolves around a technology that alerts people when someone who likes them is within a ten-meter radius. Users can set up their own alarms and receive notifications whenever they are near someone who has feelings for them. This concept has captured the imagination of many young people, particularly in South Korea where the app originated.

One unique feature of LoveAlarm is its ability to track users’ emotions over time. By analyzing data from their interactions with other users, the app can provide insights into how they feel about different people and help them make more informed decisions about their relationships.

Despite some concerns about privacy and potential misuse of the technology, LoveAlarm continues to be widely used across Asia and beyond. Its popularity has even led to rumors of a possible Netflix adaptation in the works.

Overall, LoveAlarm represents a fascinating intersection between romance and technology that speaks to our modern world’s increasing reliance on digital tools for connection and communication.

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