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Cricket 19 APK is an addictive, immersive 3D cricket game featuring officially licensed teams, giving you the ultimate cricket experience.

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Name Cricket 19
Package Name
Category Sports  
Version 5.5
Size 642 MB
Requires Android 4.3 and up
Last Updated August 24, 2023

What is Cricket 19 Apk?

Cricket 19 APK for Android is the latest version of one of the world’s most popular sports video games. Developed by Big Ant Studios, Cricket 19 features a wide range of new and improved game modes that offer an even more realistic cricket gaming experience than ever before. Whether you’re a fanatical follower or just getting into this exciting sport, there’s something here to suit all levels and tastes.

Cricket 19 APK

With its immersive graphics and intuitive controls, it offers hours upon hours of fun while giving players access to some truly unique experiences in their chosen team colours – from international tournaments across multiple countries through domestic leagues right down to local club-level matches!

Players can also create custom teams with personalized kits as well as customize stadiums complete with different weather conditions so no two matches are alike – making every match feel like your own personal tournament!

Features of Cricket 19 for Android

Cricket 19 is the ultimate cricket game for Android users. It offers a realistic and immersive gaming experience, with stunning 3D graphics, intuitive controls and an array of features designed to bring you closer to the action than ever before.

Cricket 19 APK

With Cricket 19’s wide range of modes including Quick Match, Career Mode and Tournament Play there’s something for everyone – whether you’re looking for quick thrills or deep strategic play!

  • Realistic 3D graphics and animations for an immersive cricket gaming experience.
  • Customize your team, choose from over 100 real-world players & play in 20 international stadiums.
  • Play career mode with up to 6 seasons or take on a quick match against the AI opponent.
  • Enjoy full control of batting & bowling actions using intuitive touch controls optimized for mobile devices.
  • Participate in tournaments like the World Cup, T20 Premier League etc., as you progress through the game levels.
  • Compete online against friends or other users around the world via leaderboards and a global rankings system.
  • Create custom teams by selecting favourite players across different countries/teams & sharing them with others worldwide!

Pros and Cons of Cricket 19:

  • Offers realistic graphics and animations that bring the game to life.
  • Players can customize their team, create tournaments or even play online with friends from around the world.
  • The controls are intuitive and easy to use for a smooth gaming experience.
  • A wide range of batting styles such as defensive shots, aggressive strokes etc., give players more control over how they want to approach each match situation.
  • Allows users to take part in challenges set by other gamers across different leagues around the globe which adds an extra layer of excitement while playing Cricket 19 Android app.

Cricket 19 APK

  • High system requirements may be difficult to meet for some users.
  • Lack of availability on iOS devices.
  • Limited graphics and animations compared to other sports games available in the market.
  • Unstable online gameplay experience with frequent lags, disconnections or crashes during matches.
  • Bugs and glitches can lead to a poor gaming experience at times.

FAQs Regarding Cricket 19 for Android.

Cricket 19 is the latest instalment in the popular cricket game series from Big Ant Studios. Whether you are a fan of international or domestic cricket, this new version promises to bring all your favourite players and teams together for an exciting virtual experience on Android devices.

Cricket 19 APK

This FAQ will provide answers to some of the most common questions about Cricket 19 Apk, including how it works and what features can be expected from this highly anticipated sports title.

Q: What is Cricket 19 Apk?

A: Cricket 19 Apk is a cricket simulation video game developed by Big Ant Studios and published by Tru Blu Entertainment. It was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on 28 May 2019.

Cricket 19 APK

The game features all formats of international cricket including Test matches, ODIs (One Day Internationals), T20s (Twenty- 20) as well as the newly introduced Super Overs mode which allows players to recreate some of the most exciting moments in recent history such as England’s victory over New Zealand at Lord’s during last year’s World Cup Final or Australia’s thrilling run chase against India in their semi-final match at Old Trafford earlier this summer.

Players can also create custom tournaments with up to 16 teams from around the world competing across multiple rounds culminating in an epic finale where one team will be crowned champion! Additionally, there are online multiplayer modes allowing you to challenge your friends anywhere anytime!

Cricket 19 APK

Q: Does this version include commentary?

A: Yes – All editions of ‘Cricket 19′ come packed with high-quality audio commentaries featuring renowned commentators like Mark Nicholas, Harsha Bhogle & Simon Doull providing realistic insights into every ball bowled!


Cricket 19 Apk is the perfect game for cricket fans who want to experience a realistic and immersive gaming experience. It has amazing graphics, great sound effects, and an intuitive control system that makes it easy to pick up and play.

With its wide range of teams from around the world as well as various playing modes including career mode, quick match-ups with friends or online tournaments against other players; Cricket 19 provides hours upon hours of entertainment at your fingertips! Whether you’re a casual player looking for some fun on their phone or someone serious about improving their skills in this sport – Cricket19 can help bring out the best in any fan!

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