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Experience the thrill of driving through the streets of San Andreas in this realistic car simulation game.

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Name Car Simulator San Andreas
Package Name com.unhappy.carsimulator.sanandreas
Category Simulation  
Version 0.3
Size 348.4 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated October 29, 2023

What is Car Simulator San Andreas?

Car Simulator San Andreas APK for Android is an exciting, realistic driving simulator game that allows you to explore the streets of Los Santos in a variety of cars. This open-world adventure puts you behind the wheel and lets you experience what it’s like to be a street racer or leisurely drive around town.

car simulator san andreas apk

You can customize your car with various paint jobs, upgrades, and parts as well as upgrade its performance so that it runs faster than ever before! The graphics are stunning – from detailed cityscapes to lifelike weather effects – giving players an immersive gaming experience unlike any other mobile racing game out there today.

With tons of challenges and missions available at every turn plus online leaderboards allowing friends all over the world to compete against each other; Car Simulator San Andreas APK for Android offers endless hours of entertainment on your phone or tablet device!

Features of Car Simulator San Andreas for Android

Car Simulator San Andreas is an exciting and realistic car simulator game for Android devices. It offers a highly detailed 3D environment with stunning graphics, a real-life physics engine and plenty of customization options that make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to get behind the wheel of their favourite cars in virtual reality.

car simulator san andreas apk

With its wide range of vehicles from classic muscle cars to modern sports models, Car Simulator San Andreas gives players complete control over how they drive in this immersive world full of challenging tracks and obstacles.

  • Realistic car physics and handling.
  • Variety of cars to choose from, including sports cars, muscle cars and off-road vehicles.
  • Open world map with multiple locations for exploration.
  • Ability to customize your vehicle’s appearance with paint jobs, rims etc.
  • Challenging missions in different game modes such as races or time trials.
  • Online multiplayer mode where you can compete against other players around the globe.

Pros and Cons of Car Simulator San Andreas:

  • Realistic graphics and sound effects make the game feel like driving a real car.
  • Variety of cars to choose from, including sports cars, muscle cars, luxury vehicles and more.
  • Customizable controls for a steering wheel or touchscreen devices with adjustable sensitivity settings which make it easier to control your vehicle in tight turns or high-speed situations.
  • Ability to customize your ride by changing body parts such as wheels rims, spoilers etc., allowing you to create a unique look every time you play the game.
  • Challenging missions requiring precision manoeuvring while avoiding obstacles on city streets filled with traffic – the perfect way to sharpen up one’s virtual driving skills!

car simulator san andreas apk

  • Poor graphics and outdated visuals.
  • Limited range of cars to choose from.
  • Not suitable for younger players due to its violence/adult themes.
  • Lack of customization options available in the game.

FAQs Regarding Car Simulator San Andreas for Android.

Welcome to the FAQs page for Car Simulator San Andreas Apk! This game is an amazing open-world driving simulator that allows you to explore a realistic 3D version of San Andreas. With this app, you can customize your car and race against opponents in exciting races around town or take on missions with unique objectives.

car simulator san andreas apk

You’ll also find plenty of secrets hidden throughout the city as well as discover new locations by completing tasks. Read through these FAQs if you have any questions about how to get started playing Car Simulator San Andreas Apk today!

Q: What is Car Simulator San Andreas Apk?

A: Car Simulator San Andreas (CSSA) Apk is a 3D car simulator game that allows you to drive around the city of Los Santos and explore its many features. You can customize your vehicle, race against other players online, or just cruise around town in style.

The game also includes a realistic physics engine for an immersive driving experience as well as multiple control options including tilt steering wheel support and on-screen buttons. CSSA offers hundreds of cars from classic muscle cars to modern supercars with fully customizable paint jobs, interior designs, performance upgrades and more!

car simulator san andreas apk

Q: How do I get started playing CSSA?

A: To start playing CSSA simply download it onto your device via our website then launch the app when prompted by following the instructions given within the application itself. Once launched you will be presented with various menus such as Garage where all available vehicles are stored.

Race Mode which enables users to compete against each other over an internet connection; Free Roam mode allows exploration throughout Los Santos without any goals whatsoever – this option being especially useful if one wishes only sightseeing rather than racing others etc. After selecting the desired menu item user may begin their virtual journey through the streets of sunny California!


Car Simulator San Andreas is a great Apk that provides an immersive experience of driving in the streets of San Andreas. It features realistic car physics, detailed graphics and sounds to make you feel like you are actually on the road. The controls are easy to use making it accessible for all ages and levels of gamers alike.

With its open-world design, players can explore every corner while they drive around town or take part in exciting missions such as races with other cars or police chases which add extra excitement to your gaming session! All these features combined create an enjoyable game full of fun activities that will keep users entertained for hours at end!

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