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Bunniiies - Uncensored Rabbit is a fun and quirky game where players help rabbits escape from their cages and avoid obstacles.

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Name Bunniiies
Package Name com.zero_one.bunniiies
Category Casual  
Requires Android 4.4+
Last Updated July 4, 2023

Bunniiies – Uncensored Rabbit is an exciting Android game that has been developed by Zero One Studios. This game is all about cute and fluffy rabbits who are on a mission to save their fellow bunnies from the evil clutches of foxes. The gameplay involves controlling your bunny character through various levels, jumping over obstacles, collecting carrots and power-ups, and defeating enemies.

One of the unique features of Bunniiies – Uncensored Rabbit is its uncensored content. The game is not afraid to show some adult humor and suggestive themes which make it stand out from other games in this genre. However, parents should be aware of this before letting their kids play the game.

The graphics in Bunniiies – Uncensored Rabbit are impressive with vibrant colors and detailed textures. The sound effects add to the overall immersive experience making it enjoyable for players of all ages. Additionally, you can customize your bunny character’s appearance using different outfits available in the game.

Overall, Bunniiies – Uncensored Rabbit is a fun-filled adventure game that offers hours of entertainment. With its engaging storyline, challenging levels, and uncensored content, it is sure to keep you hooked for long periods. If you’re looking for a quirky and entertaining Android game to pass your time then look no further than Bunniiies – Uncensored Rabbit!

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